Trauma Anesthesia


Dr. Mark Vu


Applegarth, Dr. Oliver
Choi, Dr. Peter
Dhaliwal, Dr. Bali
Chima, Dr. Navraj
Randal, Dr. Tom
Vaghadia, Dr. Himat
Weideman, Dr. Theo

Trauma Anesthesia

Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) is a 950-bed, Level 1 Trauma Centre and is the tertiary referral centre for the Province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. VGH receives over 50,000 emergency department visits each year, where more than 2,500 are trauma related. The province’s only sub-specialty Burn Unit is located at VGH. VGH is a teaching/training site for Canadian Forces trauma training, provincial BC Ambulance paramedics, and Coast Guard Search and Rescue Technicians.

In 2009, the Subspecialty Section of Trauma Anesthesiology was formed by the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care at Vancouver General Hospital. The goals of this section are:

1) To further improve the existing high level of clinical care and resuscitation for trauma patients in the operating room and other critical care environments

2) To provide mentorship and teaching to all levels of learners with interests in trauma care and resuscitation

3) To actively support and contribute to research and quality improvement projects relating to trauma care and resuscitation

4) To liaise with other departments and colleagues to support the delivery and administration of trauma care at Vancouver Coastal Health

The members of the Trauma Anesthesiology Subspecialty Section, with areas of research interest, are:
Dr. Mark Vu, Trauma and Prehospital Care
Dr. Tom Randal, Trauma and Cardiac Anesthesiology
Dr. Peter Choi, Perioperative Care and Trauma
Dr. Oliver Applegarth, Anesthesia education and High Fidelity Simulation
Dr. Bali Dhaliwal, Trauma and Neuroanesthesia
Dr. Theo Weideman, Airway Management and Trauma
Dr. Himat Vaghadia, Regional Anesthesia and Trauma

Our group members have subspecialty training in trauma, cardiac
anesthesiology/echocardiography, neuroanesthesia, regional anesthesia, education/simulation, and public health/research. Ongoing research and education projects within the Trauma Anesthesia group are in the fields of resuscitation, airway management, anesthesia education, and high fidelity patient simulation for trauma education.