Clinical Resources

Resources for Obstetric Anesthesia

BC Perinatal Health Program (BCPHP)
BCPHP Guidelines on Pain Management Options during Labour
BCPHP Guidelines on Hypertension in Pregnancy
Royal College of Anesthetists – Obstetric Anesthesia Standards

Multidisciplinary Grand Rounds

Factor VIIa Update

Clinical Practice Guidelines

ASA – Standards, Guidelines, and Statements
Regional and Anticoagulation
Local Anesthetic Toxicity
Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy
AHA Summary of 2005 ACLS changes
Full ACLS Guidelines
ACLS Algorithms (U. Ottawa) Algorithms Adult 2009 (4).doc
Subacute Endocarditis Prophylaxis

H1N1 Influenza Articles

H1N1 and Pregnancy – Lancet Journal

H1N1 in Canada – JAMA

H1N1 in Mexico – JAMA

Patient Resources

BC Women’s Hospital
Patient pamphlet on information about epidurals Information Sheet Web.pdf

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
An educational website to learn about pain relief options during childbirth
(by Bhavani-Shankar Kodali, MD)

Hospital Policies

RN In-services

Cricoid Pressure – Teaching the Recommended Level