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UBC Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics Fellowship Programs

Clinical subspecialty fellows at UBC-affliliated teaching hospitals come from all around the world.

Pediatric Anesthesia Clinical & Research Fellowship at BC Children’s Hospital

The Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Program accepts 2 fellows each year starting in July. The duration of the appointment is 12 months. The minimum number of required clinical days in the operating rooms is approximately 144. Fellows will rotate through pediatric anesthesia subspecialty cases in cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, thoracics, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, dental, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and radiology. The Fellows will complete a 4 week rotation in both Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia and Pediatric ICU. There is the opportunity for the Fellow to voluntarily participate in a two week international peri-operative health experience. Fellows in Pediatric Anesthesia, supervised by members of the anesthesia staff, are expected to engage in clinical activities including on-call (one weekday night per week and one weekend in six). Fellows actively participate in the Acute Pain Service, providing daytime care and call on average every 1 in 6 weeks including weekends. Fellows will also be involved in the in-patient consult service and in the Pre-admission Clinic. An elective rotation may be arranged relating to the fellow’s interests in discussion with the Fellowship Director.

A maximum of two days per week may be protected for academic and research pursuits for Fellows. Academic time awarded is reassessed quarterly depending on productivity. Projects may comprise clinical research projects or basic science research projects. All research projects are under the direction of the Director of Research in association with PART (the Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team), the University of British Columbia and/or other hospital departments at BC Children’s Hospital.. It is expected that every Fellow will complete at least 1 research project to the publication or presentation stage during their period of Fellowship and all assistance will be given to them in completing this. Fellows are also expected to publish at least one case report and/or review article during their year with the supervision of an appropriate staff person.

Fellows are expected to attend and participate in all rounds and to prepare presentations for rounds where indicated. Rounds consist of quality assurance rounds, daily morning teaching rounds, semi-annual journal club, UBC city wide journal club and UBC Anesthesia Visiting Professor Series rounds. Two 30 minute resident teaching sessions per month will be taught by the fellows focusing on issues concerning pediatric anesthesia. Fellows will also provide at least 2 formal presentations during the year.
Occasionally, Fellows may be able to participate in suitable special academic projects as arranged with the Fellowship Director
Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in up to 10 SIM days including train-the-trainer courses and facilitating running SIM events


Fellowship Application Process

Fellowship Application Form

Obstetric Anesthesia Clinical Fellowship at BC Women’s Hospital

During their fellowship, the fellow will become very adept clinically in handling all manner of obstetrical anesthesia problems, will be involved in clinical research (developing a protocol, doing the research, and writing the results) and will teach residents and present interesting cases to the staff. Approximately 60% of the time is spent doing clinical work and 40% of the time is spent doing research. The successful applicant must have his/her Canadian fellowship or comparable credentials from his/her own country. The fellowship begins July 1st of each year with a minimum duration of 12 months.

Please visit the link below for further information.

BCWH Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship Program


Regional Anesthesia & Acute Pain Medicine Fellowship at St Paul’s Hospital

Next available start date: July 2023

The University of British Columbia offers a 12-month fellowship in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine based at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver BC, Canada. St. Paul’s Hospital features a busy block room associated with the main operating rooms which is staffed daily with a dedicated anesthesiologist and an anesthesia assistant. In addition, our facility operates a high-volume outpatient operating room area where extremity surgeries are performed solely using regional anesthesia techniques. We have recently introduced a new regional anesthesia program with a dedicated block area at our associated community hospital (Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, East Vancouver) where we provide regional anesthesia for breast surgery and other ambulatory surgical procedures. Between our three block areas, over 3,000 regional anesthesia techniques are performed annually.
Our practise includes a diverse mix of ultrasound guided upper and lower extremity nerve blocks, continuous perineural catheter insertions, ambulatory “home” perineural catheter analgesia, truncal / paravertebral blocks, and neuraxial techniques. The regional anesthesia fellow will gain ample experience in the performance of these techniques, and progress to the teaching and supervision of anesthesia residents during their regional anesthesia rotations. Fellows will also join the acute pain service (APS) a week at a time, longitudinally throughout their fellowship year. The number of APS weeks required varies according to the needs and past experience of each individual fellow, but all fellows are required to complete at least 4 weeks of APS.
In addition to the clinical experience, fellows will gain considerable experience in block room management, patient flow through the block area, and organization of anesthesia assistants and resident learners in a busy block room environment.
Non-clinical academic productivity is required, and fellows are expected to complete a project over the course of their fellowship year. This may take the form of a quality assurance / quality improvement audit, a case series publication, or a more structured clinical study. 20% of time (1 day per week) is protected for research and other academic endeavours, once a project is underway. Fellows will provide general anesthetic care as a service obligation 1.5 days/week on average over the course of the 12 month program. Service days entail providing anesthesia in an operating room for any of the typical surgical services offered at our hospital – with the exception of cardiac surgery.
Teaching opportunities are plentiful and fellows will expand their clinical teaching skills over the course of the year. Fellows are expected to present departmental rounds and lead a regional anesthesia focused journal club discussion once during their fellowship. There are frequent opportunities to teach regional anesthesia skills to resident learners, and fellows may be invited to instruct ultrasound techniques at the annual Whistler Anesthesiology Summit, depending on the workshops offered that year. Funding to attend a major regional anesthesia meeting is provided, and fellows will be entitled to 4 weeks of vacation over the course of the year. Annual salary is $96,000 CAD.

Interested applicants can submit their curriculum vitae and a cover letter to: (electronic submissions are preferred)

Dr. Steven Petrar
Regional Anesthesia Fellowship Director
c/o Charlene Perry, Office Administrator
Dept. of Anesthesia,
St. Paul’s Hospital Providence Health Care,
1081 Burrard Street Vancouver BC,
V6Z 1Y6
Ph: (604) 806-8337
Fax: (604) 806-8487

Cardiac Anesthesia & Perioperative Echocardiography Fellowship at St Paul’s Hospital

Next available start date: July 2023

The University of British Columbia offers a 12-month adult cardiac anesthesia and echocardiography fellowship based at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver. Applicants must be FRCPC certified or eligible at the time of application.
St. Paul’s Hospital is a busy quaternary care urban hospital in downtown Vancouver BC, Canada. The Heart Center at St. Paul’s Hospital is the regional referral centre for highly complex cardiac care, including heart transplantation and mechanical circulatory support, adult congenital procedures, laser lead extractions, and septal myectomies.
Approximately 900 open-heart surgeries (CABG, valve repair/replacement, adult congenital repairs) are performed annually. Additionally, 185 transcatheter valve implantations, 50-60 lead extractions, 35 ECMO initiations, 15-20 heart transplants, 15-20 VADs, and 5 TEVARs are performed annually.
Cardiac fellows will become experts in managing these patients through extensive experience in the cardiac operating rooms, transesophageal echocardiography, and the cardiac surgical intensive care unit. Broader anesthetic skills will be developed and maintained by working in the non-cardiac operating rooms throughout the year, an average of 1.5 days per week. Academic opportunities are available and cardiac fellows are expected to teach, pursue research or quality assurance endeavours, and to present at academic rounds and echo case rounds. 4 weeks of vacation and funding to attend a major cardiac anesthesia meeting are provided. Salary is $96,000 CAD annually.

Interested applicants can submit their curriculum vitae and a cover letter to: (electronic submissions are preferred)

Dr. Kevin Rondi
Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship Director
c/o Charlene Perry, Office Administrator
Dept. of Anesthesia,
St. Paul’s Hospital Providence Health Care,
1081 Burrard Street Vancouver BC,
V6Z 1Y6
Ph: (604) 806-8337
Fax: (604) 806-8487

Perioperative Medicine Fellowship at St Paul’s Hospital

Next available start date: January 1, 2022

St. Paul’s Hospital offers a 12-month Perioperative Medicine fellowship. Applicants must be FRCPC eligible or certified at the time of application.  Equivalent certifications (FRCA, FANZCA, ABA etc) will be considered on a case by case basis.

St. Paul’s Hospital is a busy quaternary care urban hospital located centrally in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our surgical caseload includes all major surgical specialties with the exception of Neurosurgery, Trauma and Thoracic Surgery. Our particular areas of expertise are complex cardiac care (including obstetrical cardiac patients), complex acute and chronic pain including neuromodulation and transitional pain, perioperative medicine and regional anesthesia.

St. Paul’s Hospital and our Perioperative Anesthesiologists are committed to the advancement of perioperative medicine.  Since 2010, St. Paul’s Department of Anesthesia has held a dedicated Perioperative Anesthesiologist position and in 2017 our Anesthesia Perioperative Medicine fellowship program was created. The Perioperative Anesthesiologist is involved with the patient’s care pre-operatively, intra-operatively, and post-operatively and manages a 4 bed high-acuity unit (HAU) which is a critical-care area providing one-to-two nursing care to complex surgical patients.  The cardiac surgical intensive care unit (CSICU) is an anesthesia run unit that cares for the entire spectrum of complex cardiac surgical patients, including: cardiac transplant recipients, patients requiring ventricular assist devices, and those needing extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support.

Many of our Anesthesiologists practice within the perioperative medicine group and bring a diverse fellowship background including: ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, cardiac anesthesia and critical care, NBE certified transesophageal echocardiography, acute and chronic pain management, perioperative vascular medicine, obstetric anesthesia, business (MBA), research, and simulation.

This is a 12-month fellowship and includes 4 weeks of holiday. Annual salary is $96,000 CAD. Funding to attend a national or international anesthesia conference is provided. Fellows pursuing advanced training in POCUS or other perioperative medicine related skills may seek financial support from the department on an individual basis. There is a weekly academic day provided for research purposes and other academic pursuits (required). An average of 1.5 days per week in the operating room over the course of the 12 month fellowship is mandatory and assures fellows maintain intra-operative anesthesia skills. There is limited on-call required during this fellowship.

In regards to learning opportunities and time commitments: the perioperative medicine fellow will have a total of 13 blocks to rotate through consisting of core blocks and electives with a longitudinal perioperative medicine rotation. There will be a strong focus on attainment of ultrasound skills for POCUS and opportunities to expand ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia skills are also provided. In addition, the perioperative medicine fellow will be able to understand the various risk assessment scores for patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery and actively risk-stratify all non-cardiac elective surgical patients.

The perioperative medicine fellowship will include the following core rotations: perioperative medicine, regional anesthesia, TEE, addictions medicine, pre-admission clinic, complex cardiac care (cardiac surgery and CSICU), and internal medicine perioperative care team. Electives may include rotations in acute pain, hemodynamic assessment service (POCUS), ICU, research and off-site learning opportunities including perioperative vascular medicine.  High-fidelity simulation and interdisciplinary medical education are key aspects of the Fellowship. Further information on perioperative medicine and the fellowship can be found at https://www.sphpom.com.

Interested applicants can submit their curriculum vitae and a cover letter to:

Dr. Su-Yin MacDonell
Perioperative Medicine Fellowship Director
c/o Charlene Perry, Office Administrator
Dept. of Anesthesia,
St. Paul’s Hospital Providence Health Care,

1081 Burrard Street Vancouver BC,
Canada, V6Z 1Y6

Ph: (604) 806-8337

Fax: (604) 806-8487

General Clinical, Neuroanesthesia & Cardiac at Vancouver General Hospital

Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) is an adult teaching hospital affiliated with the University of British Columbia and is a 1,000 bed, level 1 trauma center. Acting as the province’s principal referral center, our intake includes surgical patients referred for neurosurgery, trauma & burns, orthopedic trauma and complex reconstructive joint surgery, major oncology, spinal cord injuries and solid organ transplantation (excluding hearts). The University of British Columbia Hospital (UBCH) is an ambulatory and short stay hospital encompassing the following specialties: orthopedic reconstructive surgery, gynecology, urology, dental and maxillofacial surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, plastics, General surgery and neurosurgery.

We offer seven Fellowship positions each year: one Cardiac Anesthesia position (which encompasses Perioperative echocardiography and Cardiac Surgical ICU training), one Neuroanesthesia position, one Perioperative position and four General Clinical Anesthesia positions. Our Fellowships commence on January 1st or July 1st.

Applicants will be interviewed 14 months before the expected start date.

Our fellowship includes clinical work, a teaching component, academic opportunities as well as a research component. Our fellows are encouraged to partake in multidisciplinary OR simulations as well as UBC led training simulations.

Please follow the link below for details of specific fellowships.

Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship

Neuroanesthesia Fellowship

Perioperative Anesthesia Fellowship

General Clinical Fellowship


 Position  Next Available  Contact
BC Children’s Hospital
(Pediatric anesthesia only)
2023-2024 Dr. Katherine M. Bailey,
Fellowship Director,
Department of Anesthesia,
BC Children’s Hospital
Room 1L7 – 4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4
Phone: 604-875-2711
Fax: 604-875-3221
email: kbailey@cw.bc.ca
BC Women’s Hospital
(Obstetric and ambulatory gynecologic anesthesia only)
2023-2024 Dr. Anton Chau,
Fellowship Director,
Department of Anesthesia,
BC Women’s Hospital,
Room 1Q72 – 4500 Oak St.,
Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1.
Phone: 604-875-2158;
Fax: 604-875-2733
e-mail: anton.chau@ubc.ca
St. Paul’s Hospital
3- Regional anesthesia, cardiac
anesthesia & perioperative
echocardiography, perioperative medicine
2023-2024 Dr. Steven Petrar,
Fellowship Director,
Department of Anesthesia,
St. Paul’s Hospitalc/o Charlene Perry, Office administrator
Dept. of Anesthesia, St Paul’s Hospital
Providence Health Care, 1081 Burrard St.,
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6
Ph: (604) 806-8337
Fax: (604) 806-8487
e-mail: anesthesiafellowships@gmail.com
Vancouver General Hospital
7 – Cardiac Anesthesia, Neuroanesthesia, Perioperative Anesthesia, General Clinical Anesthesia


Jan & July start

Dr. John Dolman & Dr. Pamela Lennox,
Co-Directors, Fellowship Program
c/o Brenda Kay, Office Administrator
Department of Anesthesia
Vancouver General Hospital
Room 3400, 899 W12th Ave.,
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9.
Phone: 604-875-4304;
Fax: 604-875-5209;
e-mail: brenda.kay@vch.ca