Vice Chair, Education

Dr. Horne started his relationship with UBC in the late 1990s, coming to Vancouver from the British Columbia Interior to pursue his Bachelors of Science.  He completed his honours degree in Pharmacology in 2005 and was awarded the Esther R. Anderson award – presented annually in recognition of his high graduating average (BSc (Hons.), 2004).  He then went on to pursue his PhD in Physiology – also at UBC – specializing in electrophysiology and ion channels. This resulted in the publication of several papers exploring the mechanism of voltage sensing in voltage-gated potassium channels, as well as on the  characterization of sodium channel mutations in the context of cardiac disease (PhD, 2010).  It was during his PhD that Dr. Horne developed an interest in teaching and, following some experience gained in the latter half of his degree, he was hired into the Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics in 2010, where he presently holds the title of Associate Professor of Teaching. 

While Dr. Horne is involved in some graduate and undergraduate medical teaching, the majority of his teaching responsibilities are within the Department’s undergraduate course offerings.  He is the course director for PCTH 201 (Drugs and Society) – a course he developed for the department back in 2013 – and PCTH 404 (Drug Assay and Pharmacometrics), as well as being heavily involved in the third-year BSc Pharmacology curriculum.  He has also been involved in the Department’s Vancouver Summer Program course package since 2014 – the first year in which the Faculty of Medicine became involved with this international program – and has held the title of Program Director for all Vancouver Summer Program offerings within the Faculty of Medicine since 2018.