BSc Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Education-Non-Medical, Bachelor of Science

The Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics has been offering BSc degrees in Major and Honours Pharmacology either with or without the co-op option for over three decades. Undergraduate education is part of the UBC Faculty of Science. Students are accepted into the Major and Honours specialization after completion of year 2 at the Faculty of Science.

Students in both the major and Honours Pharmacology specializations can enter the co-op option where they spend 12-16 months working in academic or industrial laboratories. Co-op education starts after the completion of year 3, but application to enter the co-op option needs to be made before Oct 1 of year 3.

The program emphasizes the experimental and laboratory aspects of pharmacology. Students learn both the whole animal and isolated tissue techniques as well as biochemical and chemical procedures. Skills that are stressed include the ability to search for information, design appropriate experiments, carry out experiments individually and as a member of a team, analyze data and communicate and write effectively.


Students who wish to enter Pharmacology specializations need to have completed all prerequisites and obtained an average of greater than 75% in each of their first and second years. The program is competitive and admits a maximum of 24 students per year. In recent years, the academic average for admission has been at least 85% in both years 1 and 2.

Applicants are assessed on their grades in years 1 and 2, and selected applicants will be interviewed by the Pharmacology Undergraduate Advisor. Preference is given to students who have completed all prerequisite courses and with at least a cumulative of 60 credits in the winter sessions of year 1 and 2.

Please visit the Pharmacology section of the UBC Calendar for information about prerequisites and current courses.

To be considered for the Pharmacology specialization, please contact the Pharmacology Undergraduate and Graduate Secretary ( no later than the first term of year 2. The Secretary will need your student number and contact information in order to make arrangement for you to see the Undergraduate Advisor.

You will be notified upon successful admission to the BSc in Pharmacology specialization. Enrollment of courses in the third year pharmacology courses will be made by Undergraduate Advisor.


Pharmacology Undergraduate and Graduate Secretary