BC Childrens Contacts

Department of Pediatric Anesthesia

BC Children’s Hospital
Room T3-246
4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4
Telephone, Direct Line: 604-875-2711
Fax, Direct: 604-875-3221

BCCH OR Desk: 604-875-2309
BCCH Switchboard: 604-875-2345
BCCH Paging: 604-875-2161

Department Head: Dr. Simon Whyte
Email: swhyte@cw.bc.ca

Administrative Assistant: Yvonne Hardwicke
Email: yvonne.hardwicke@cw.bc.ca

Staff Anesthesiologists

Dr Katherine Bailey
Dr Michael Barker
Dr Nigel Barker
Dr Natasha Broemling
Dr Zoe Brown
Dr Myles Cassidy
Dr James Chen
Dr Chris Chin
Dr Yvonne Csanyi-Fritz
Dr Erica Dibb-Fuller
Dr Caitlin Gallagher
Dr. Heng Gan

Dr Prakash Krishnan
Dr Katherine Lanigan
Dr Gillian Ross Lauder
Dr Stephan Malherbe
Dr Andrew Morrison
Dr Christa Morrison
Dr Cheryl Peters
Dr Lindsay Rawling
Dr Randa Ridgway
Dr Louis Scheepers
Dr Brendan Smith
Dr Mike Traynor
Dr Simon Whyte

Anesthesia Fellows

Dr. Julia Olsen
Dr. Mary-Claire Simmonds

Dr. Ridhima Bhatia
Dr. Lorna Murphy
Dr.Arna Verholt
Dr. Mei Foong Yeoh

Anesthesia Assistants:

Peter Baxter
Inderbir Bhullar
Trevor Coelho
Bill Cooper
Jagvir Dosanjh

Julie Folka
Jasmeen Gill
Theresa Tien
Preston Tucker
Carrie Schulthess

Nurse Practitioner Pain Management

Kathleen Duddy

Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team

Co-Directors: Dr. Simon Whyte and Dr. Matthias Görges

Research Manager: Andrew Poznikoff
604-875-2345 ext. 1989