Perioperative Anesthesia Fellowship


We extend a warm welcome to our anesthesia colleagues who are interested in pursuing a Perioperative Anesthesia Fellowship.

We believe that our fellowship program has much to offer.
This is a year-long fellowship during which the fellow delves into Perioperative Medicine and Anesthesia care of all of the major surgical subspecialties provided at our institution.

• To become an expert in perioperative Medicine and anesthesia.
• Preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative management within the various sub specialities.
• To be an independent and excellent clinician.
• To participate in simulation both in creation of scenarios, running the scenarios and debriefing thereafter.
• To undertake at least one research project within a specialty
• To present their work at a national meeting.
• To present at Grand Rounds
• To organise teaching rounds
• To learn the fundamentals of conducting basic clinical research.
• Teaching residents, medical students, Anesthesia Assistants, paramedics and nursing staff.
Clinical and research opportunities are also available in various subspecialties and blood bank medicine.

• Develop expertise as a Perioperative Medicine Consultant.
• Exposure to the administrative aspects of the Management of a a Perioperative program.
• Develop a practical understanding of how Perioperative Medicine and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathways can be developed using a multidisciplinary approach.
• Build, develop, and monitor evidence-based clinical pathways using ERAS model
• Develop POCUS expertise
• Learn Risk Management Initiatives
• Gain expertise in quality assurance and patient safety in the perioperative phase.
• Incorporation of regional anesthetic techniques into PACU and Preoperative Pain initiatives.
• Achieve proficiency in the recognition and management of commonly encountered patient problems in the preoperative, intraoperative, post-operative and post-discharge phases of the surgical journey of each patient.
• Electives with the Perioperative Internal Medicine team
• Lead the complex case management conferences.
• Gain experience with the supervision of nurses and residents in the perioperative environment.
• Have the opportunity to develop teaching and research skills
• Gain experience and knowledge in perioperative management as it relates to operations management, risk management, quality assurance and patient safety.
• Leading Simulation scenarios as they pertain to Perioperative care.
• Management of a preoperative Blood Utilisation Program
• Expertise in the Preoperative Assessment Clinic in the appropriate patient assessment, triage and optimisation of comorbidities.
• Experience patient assessment in the Allergy Clinic
The curriculum also provides for attendance at:
• Neuro-anesthesia, Cardiac and Regional Journal Clubs
• Anesthesia grand rounds
• Critical incident/M &M rounds.
• Visiting Professor monthly rounds.

The fellows are also encouraged to attend additional anesthesiology-related meetings. Financial support is available if presenting original work.

• 2 days in subspecialty perioperative Medicine,
• 2 days in general clinical anesthesia in independent practice.
• 1 academic day per week in order to prepare lectures or write manuscripts. Their research will be planned and undertaken during this time.
• This schedule will change when in different rotations.

The fellow will meet with Dr. Lennox and Dr. Dolman every 3-4 months and the subspecialty program director at least once a month to review the progress being made during his or her fellowship.
A written summative evaluation is provided to the fellows and reviewed with the program directors at the end of the fellowship year.