General Information

How your time is spent:

Each Fellow works in the Department for five days per week, Monday through Friday inclusive, fulfilling a combination of clinical and academic/ research duties. Fellows work in the operating room three days per week in the area of their subspecialisation. Fellows are also provided one day per week after the initial orientation period for academic work. The fifth day is a service day spent in any OR field.

Clinical duties:

The Fellow works in the operating rooms of VGH and UBCH each working day, beginning each day at 0700 hours and finishing around 1700 or at the end of their slate.
Approximately twice per month, fellows are assigned in-hospital day call until 7 PM. In addition, the fellow will occasionally cover our perioperative service (coverage of the recovery room, calls for anesthetic assistance outside the operative room, and the post-operative pain service), in which case, the day’s duties run from 1 PM until 9 PM. Residents and staff are also involved in this service. Opportunities for night work, including involvement in major trauma, cardiac or transplant cases, are recommended in various sub-specialities for sufficient exposure to relevant cases.

Academic/ Research Duties:

Anesthesia Fellows are expected to participate in a research project in the Department during their post. Authorship by Fellows for manuscripts and research presentation at national or international meetings is also expected.
Our Department has many active projects involving clinical and laboratory research.
UBC provides excellent Library access.

Pay: CAN $89,039 (2023)
Benefits – medical/dental are included. ($11,000 value)
Up to $5000 is available to each fellow for meeting attendance, presentation, enrichment courses or workshops. (This is at the discretion of the Fellowship Directors and based on 1 year fellowship)

Access to the VGH Cycling centre.

UBC student whistler season pass reduction.

Medical Protection is paid by the hospital.

Vacation: The Fellow is entitled to 20 days of paid leave per annum.

The city of Vancouver:

Information about Vancouver can be found at: