Respectful Environment, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Terms of Reference – please see document

Committee Members:

Name Affiliation
Natasha Broemling Anesthesiology, BCCH
Anne Webster Anesthesiology, Victoria
Su-Yin MacDonell Anesthesiology, SPH
Giselle Villar Anesthesiology, BCWH
Sadiq Abdullah Anesthesiology, BCWH
Andrea Brovender Anesthesiology, VGH
Dheshnie Thangavelu Anesthesiology, BC Cancer Agency
Amanda Roze des Ordons Anesthesiology, Kelowna
Annika Vrana Anesthesiology, Lion’s Gate Hospital
Hamed Umedaly Anesthesiology, VGH
Peter Choi Anesthesiology, VGH
Tillie Hackett Pharmacology, Faculty, HLI/SPH
Navid Karimi Therapeutics Initiative
Kingsley Nwozor Pharmacology, PhD student
Jaycee Farmer Pharmacology, MSc student
Ben Chen PGY 1 Anesthesia Resident
Wendy Yao PGY 1 Anesthesia Resident
Claire Moura PGY 1 Anesthesia Resident
Rachel Blair PGY 2 Anesthesia Resident
Nilufer Nourouzpour PGY 2 Anesthesia Resident
Aileen Chiu APT Administrative Staff