Education Programs Committee


The Education Programs Committee oversees the educational activities of the Department.  The Committee

  • Manages general issues affecting the content, delivery, and evaluation of educational activities related to the Department
  • Reviews, updates, and implements departmental, faculty, or university policies related to education
  • Reviews student and faculty feedback on departmental educational programs and oversees continuing quality improvement in education
  • Advises the Department’s Faculty Executive Committee and the Department Head on curricular content, approach to implementation, and/or evaluation, as needed.


The Committee is comprised of ex officio and elected members:

Ex-officio Members

  • Vice-Chair, Education (Committee Chair) – Dr. Peter Choi
  • Coordinator, Pharmacology Vancouver Summer Program – Dr. Andrew Horne
    Co-Chair, Undergraduate Education Committee – Dr. Andrew Horne
  • Co-Chair, Undergraduate Education Committee – Dr. Jennifer Shabbits
  • Program Director, Anesthesiology – Dr. Laine Bosma
  • Program Director, Family Practice Anesthesia – Dr. John McAlpine
  • Program Director, Pain Medicine –  Dr. Michael Butterworth
  • Simulation Director – Dr. John Veall
  • Advisor, Pharmacology Graduate Program – Dr. Sastry Bhagatavula
  • Chair, Faculty Development – to be determined
  • Lead, Therapeutics Initiative Education Programs – Dr. Colin Dormuth

Elected Members

  • Pharmacology Undergraduate Student Representative – Sahar Zandi Nia
  • Pharmacology Graduate Student Representative – Elodie Sauge
  • Anesthesiology Resident Representative – Dr. Jordan Meyers

Corresponding Member (non-voting)

  • Vice-Chair, Research – Dr. Tillie Hackett

Staff Member

  • Committee Secretary – Aileen Chiu


The Education Programs Committee meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November each year.  Agenda items may be sent to the Committee Secretary.