Neuroanesthesia Fellowship

Acute adult neurosurgical anesthesia is provided at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) treating over 1800 neurosurgical inpatients per year, including nearly 400 craniotomies and 110 interventional neuroradiology cases annually. Comprehensive services are provided for all neurosurgical illnesses, including brain and spinal cord tumors, hemorrhages, traumatic injuries and degenerative conditions of the central nervous syndrome, offering excellent clinical exposure for the Neuroanesthesia fellow.

In particular, VGH is the provincial referral centre for surgery for epilepsy, interventional treatment of strokes, surgical management of complex brain and spinal disorders, skull base surgery, brachial plexus reconstruction and functional neurosurgery for the relief of pain, spasticity and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Neuroanesthesia fellows can expect to be involved with advanced monitoring techniques including placement of jugular bulb catheters, EEG, MEP and SSEPs, ICP monitors and CSF drainage, as well as the use of TIVA and management of neurosurgical patients with multi-system trauma.