Research Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

The Research Advisory Committee oversees the Research activities of the Department through the following processes:

  • Manages and develops the research portfolio of the Department
  • Reviews, updates, and implements departmental, faculty, or university policies related to research
  • Manages and delivers the annual Departmental Research Day
  • Reviews student and faculty feedback on departmental research programs and oversees continuing quality improvement in research outcomes
  • Advises the Department’s Faculty Executive Committee and the Department Head on research activities, approach to implementation, and / or evaluation, as needed.
  • Manages the mentorship program for researchers
  • Ensures equity, diversity and inclusion in all processes

The Committee is comprised of ex officio and elected members:

Ex-officio Members

  • Vice-Chair, Research (Committee Chair) – Dr. Tillie Hackett
  • BC Patient Safety Chair – Dr. Malcolm Maclure
  • Jean Templeton Hugill Chair in Anesthesia – Dr. Stephan Schwarz
  • Chair, EDI – Dr. Alana Flexman
  • Therapeutics Initiative Lead – Dr. Colin Dormuth
  • Members from basic science or therapeutics research

Academic Hospital Site Head or Research Director

  • Vancouver General Hospital – Dr. Jens Lohser
  • St. Paul’s Hospital – Dr. Jim Kim
  • BC Children’s Hospital – Dr. Simon Whyte
  • BC Womens Hospital – Dr. James Brown
  • Fraser Health – Dr. Feisal Mohamedali
  • Victoria – Dr. Desmond Sweeney

Elected Members

    • Pharmacology Undergraduate Student Representative – Joshua Liu
    • Pharmacology Graduate Student Representative – Rishika Daswani
    • Anesthesiology Resident Representative – Drs. Alexa Caldwell and William Yao

Corresponding Member (non-voting)

    • Vice-Chair, Education – Dr. Andrew Horne

Staff Member

    • Committee Secretary – Aileen Chiu
    • Other members as deemed appropriate on an ad-hoc basis to provide consultation

Membership Responsibilities

The Research Advisory Committee meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November each year. Agenda items may be sent to the Committee Secretary.
Members will attend APT-RC meetings whenever possible. They will help organize and participate in the annual APT Research Day.
Terms of Appointment: Three-year terms unless determined by role.
This committee is accountable to Head of the Department of APT through the Department Executive.