Research is a significant component of the fellowship at BC Women’s Hospital. Obstetric anesthesia fellows at BCWH benefit from scheduled formal research didactic and workshop teaching throughout the year.  The Fellows Research Seminar Series is comprise of 10 modules and covers core research competencies pertinent to obstetric anesthesia research.

Teaching Faculty:

Dr. Anthony Chau
Dr. Joanne Douglas
Dr. Roanne Preston

Fellows Research Seminars 2017-2018:

Session 1: Observational Clinical Research – Odds Ratios, Risk Ratios and Regression Modelling
Session 2: Designing a Clinical Trial – Sample Size Calculations
Session 3: Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses
Session 4: Abstracts Appraisal
Session 5: Research Posters
Session 6: Up-Down Sequential Allocation Studies
Session 7: TBA
Session 8: TBA
Session 9: TBA
Session 10: TBA

Fellows Research Seminars 2016-2017:

Session 1: Randomized Clinical Trials
Session 2: Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses
Session 3: Time-to-Event Studies and Survival Analysis
Session 4: Retrospective Studies and Regression Modelling
Session 5: Abstracts Appraisal
Session 6: Research Posters
Session 7: Up-Down Sequential Allocation Studies
Session 8: Observational Studies
Session 9: Poster Presentations
Session 10: Applying to an Academic Faculty Position, CV and Interviews