Intensive care, transplant and transfusion medicine


Intensive Care, Transplant and Transfusion Medicine

The Department houses the largest intensive care Centre in Western Canada and assists in the Heart, Lung, Liver and Kidney transplant programs in BC. There is an emphasis in neurocritical care research focusing on invasive multimodal neuromonitoring and neuroinflammatory biomarkers in patients following cardiac arrest. We also have a strong interest in clinical epidemiology and clinical services research using the BC Critical Care Database. In addition, there is a strong partnership with the UBC Division of Critical Care Medicine (Department of Medicine) and the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group. Our large Patient-centred Blood Management Program uses evidence-based decisions to guide best practices in transfusion medicine. This includes optimizing patients for surgery, point of care testing to guide transfusion decision making, and multi-disciplinary teamwork to manage bleeding patients.