Department of Anesthesia

Administrative Assistant:

Stephanie Yee (loc. 2158)

Acting Department Heads:

Dr. David Lea (loc. 6122)
Dr. Simon Massey (loc. 6078)

Fellowship and Research Director:

Dr. Anton Chau (loc. 6111) 

Resident Coordinator:

Dr. Michael Wong (loc. 6121)

Staff Anesthesiologists:

Dr. Susan Bright (loc. 6121)
Dr. James Brown (loc. 6358)
Dr. Jonathan Collins (loc. 6122)
Dr. Vit Gunka (loc. 5971)
Dr. Trevor Kavanagh (loc.6768)
Dr. Nevin Kilpatrick (loc. 6768)
Dr. Naomi Kronitz (loc. 6120)
Dr. Phyllis Money (loc. 5673)
Dr. Roanne Preston (loc. 6123)
Dr. Paul Sahota (loc.6122)
Dr. Giselle Villar (loc. 6078)

Anesthesia Assistant:

Sharon MacLeod (loc. 6119)
Meredith Peterson (loc. 6119)
Frances Chia (loc 6119)

Reasearch Assistant:

James Taylor (loc. 6076)