Our People

Anesthesia, pain management, and perioperative care at Providence Health Care are provided by a team of dedicated professionals working to ensure our patients receive the safest and highest quality anesthetic care possible. Our department is comprised of 43 Anesthesiologists, 9 Anesthesia Assistants and our supporting administrative staff.



Abbott, William
Bach, Paul
Bell, Scott
Berezowskyj, Jennifer
Berkman, Alan
Blackman, Lee
Bosma, Laine
Bowering, John
Bruce, Simon
Chau, Anton
Cole, Colm
Coley, Matthew
DelVicario, Joe
Doyle, Aeron
Dumitru, Ioana
Elliott, Mark

Head, Steve
Khalfan, Aniz
Kim, James
Klas, Matt
Klimek, Alex
Lau, Brenda
Lee, Bobby
Li, Lisa
Lo, Charles
Madden, Anne-Marie
McDonald, Ken
Montemurro, Trina
Moore, Randy
Osborn, Jill
Petrar, Steven
Prabhakar, Chris

Prasloski, Bruce
Prentice, Jim
Rae, Randy
Ree, Ron
Rondi, Kevin
Rupesinghe, Lalitha
Schwarz, Stephan
Setton, Deb
Sirounis, Demetrios
Wong, Clinton
Yarnold, Cynthia

Anesthesia Assistants:

Ali, Irfaan
Aulenback, Dave
Fedellaga, Dexter
Game, Connie
Klim, Bonnie
Lahey, Bride
Perez, Marco
Pottie, Steve

Administrative Staff:

Perry, Charlene