Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Education-Non-Medical, Bachelor of Science

The Department offers a 4-year B.Sc. and a 5-year B.Sc. Co-op Education program in Honours as well as Major pharmacology. The aim of our programs is to produce a graduate broadly trained in all aspects of pharmacology.

The program emphasizes the experimental and laboratory aspects of Pharmacology and students learn both the whole animal and isolated tissue techniques as well as biochemical and chemical procedures. Skills that are stressed include the ability to search for information, design appropriate experiments, carry out experiments individually and as a member of a team, analyze data and, communicate and write effectively.

The Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics has been offering a B.Sc. program in Pharmacology Honours & Majors for over three decades. This course is offered under the Faculty of Science. In first and second years the students take a basic science program.

Since there is room for a maximum of 24 students in third year, all those in registered second year are interviewed by Dr. S. Karim as part of the selection process. Entrance to third year is primarily on the basis of marks. Preference will be given to students who have completed all prerequisite courses and who have completed at least a cumulative of 60 credits in the Winter Sessions of year 1 and 2.

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Co-op Program

As of May 1996, the Department has initiated the first Co-operative Education Internship Program (Honours and Major) within the Faculty of Medicine.

For the co-op program, in addition to classical laboratory-based university instruction, the students will 12 to 16 months of paid work placement (i.e., 3 to 4 work-terms) in pharmacology research laboratories in pharmaceutical companies or academic institutions.

Work placement starts in May or September after the completion of year 3 and continues through year 4. Students in the honours program will take additional credits in years 2,3, and 5 and conduct a laboratory-based research project for 6 months during year 5 (Sept. to March) within the Department and present an Honours thesis (PCTH 449).

Students participating in the Co-op program register for PCTH 398, 399, and 498, in addition to the normal academic requirements, and pay the Co-op Education Program fee for each course (see Index for Fees-Special Fees). PCTH 499 is optional for students who want to have four work placements.

Over the past few years, we have had our co-op students placed in various pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, and United States.


Admission to the B.Sc. and B.Sc. Co-op program is by application to the Department before March prior to Year 3. If you meet all requirements for the B.Sc. Program (see the UBC Calendar for required 1st and 2nd year courses), arrange for an interview with the department’s undergraduate adviser.

For more information please contact:

Wynne Leung (Mrs.)
Undergraduate and Graduate Secretary of Pharmacology Program
Email: wynne.leung@ubc.ca
Tel. 604-827-3289