Graduate Awards

The Graduate Support Initiative (GSI) is a system for funding graduate students through entrance scholarships, multi-year funding packages, tuition awards and scholarship top-ups. GSI - started since 2008-09 - to replace PhD Tuition Waiver; and GES. Dept allocated GSI annually by FoM and make nominations to FoGS during the summer.

How To Apply: Students do not need to apply.

Application Deadline: Decided by Dept during the summer.

How to Adjudicate: No adjudication. A portion goes to PhD tuitions and any balance to be decided by Graduate Advisor and Associate Head.

Started since 2008-09. 4YF provides funding for UBC’s best PhD students of at least $18,000/year plus tuition for the first four years of their PhD studies. Annual slot(s) provided by FoGS for Dept’s recommendation during the summer.

How To Apply: By competition. Eligible PhD students are invited to submit a CV to the Dept.

Application Deadline: Decided by the Dept during the Summer.

How to Adjudicate: Students submit CVs to be ranked by the Dept Graduate Studies Committee which ranks them and selects the top ranked student for the award.

Students submit applications to compete for CIHR-masters, NSERC-masters, NSERC-doctoral or affiliated award. FoGS provides each Dept. a quota of applications for forwarding to FoGS. All student applications will be ranked by Dept G/S Committee and Dept would submit the maximum quota of applications to FoGS for institutional ranking.

Exception: CIHR-doctoral do not need ranking – student submit appl. directly to CIHR

How To Apply: By competition. Student to submit an application for Dept & FoGS ranking

Application Deadline: Student deadline is two weeks ahead of FoGS’s deadline (around mid-Oct) for Dept’s recommendations

How to Adjudicate: All applications will be ranked by the Dept G/S committee and Dept would submit maximum quota of applications to FoGS before the deadline.

The Vanier Scholarships Program offers funding of $50,000 per annum for up to 36 months to Canadian or international doctoral students. International students are also eligible to apply.

How To Apply: Submit an application following instructions provided by FoGS for Dept & institutional ranking

Application Deadline: Early September annually

How to Adjudicate: Each dept may submit a max. of 3 applications to FoGS. So far, Dept received only one-two applications annually. Dept simply forwarded all appl. to FoGS without adjudication. Need adjudication only if rmore than 3 applications are rec’d

The International Partial Tuition Scholarship assists international graduate students with their tuition fees if they are registered full-time in research-oriented master’s and doctoral programs that assess tuition fees of $7,344 per year. With an IPTS, an international student is actually paying the same fee as a local student.

How To Apply: No need to apply

Application Deadline: Available as soon as an eligible intn’l grad student started the grad program

How to Adjudicate: Dept is not involved. An eligible international graduate student will receive IPTS as long as he/she is registered in the grad program

The Travel Fund provides travel support to a maximum of $500 per graduate student. Graduate students are eligible for reimbursement from the Graduate Student Travel Fund once per degree program. One each in Master and PhD programs.For more information about the Graduate Student Travel Fund, please see FoGS website:

How To Apply: Submit an application to FoGS

Application Deadline: Applications accepted throughout the year.

How to Adjudicate: Dept is not involved. Application & receipts to be submitted directly to FoGS.