Member, Division of Regional Anesthesia
Member, Division of Vascular Anesthesia
Co-director Perioperative Pain Service

Selected Publications:

Rose P, Ramlogan R, Sullivan T and Lui A. Serratus anterior plane blocks provide opioid-sparing analgesia in patients with isolated posterior rib fractures: a case series. Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 2019; in press.

Watton DE, Rose PGD, Abdallah F, Thompson CP, Maziak DE and Costache I. Midpoint transverse process to pleura catheter placement for postoperative analgesia following video‐assisted thoracoscopic surgery. Anaesthesia Reports 2019; 7. 65-68.

Rose P, Ramlogan R, Madden S and Lui A. Serratus anterior plane block home catheter for posterior rib fractures and flail chest. Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 2019; 66(8): 997-998.

Rose P, Dawson K, Mowat I, Sawka A, Vaghadia H and Tang R. Pre-procedural ultrasonography and marking for neuraxial anesthesia: an observational study. Canadian Journal of Anesthsia 2016; 63(6): 778-779.

Rose P, Sakai J, Argue R, Froehlich K and Tang R. Opioid information pamphlet increases postoperative opioid disposal rates: a before versus after quality improvement study. Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 2016; 63(1): 31-37.

Clinical Interests:

Regional Anesthesia

Acute Pain


Perioperative Medicine

Vascular Anesthesia