Welcome to Guillaume Grenet, MD, PhD, who will spend the next year as a Visiting Scientist with the Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Dr. Grenet completed his MD in endocrinology and his PhD in clinical pharmacology at the University of Lyon 1. He is a hospital doctor at the pharmaco-toxicology department of the University Hospital of Lyon, and a member of the Evaluation and Modeling with the Therapeutic Effects Group at the Laboratory of Biometry and Evolutionary Biology, CNRS UMR 5558 Lyon 1. His research focuses on treatment evaluation, especially of drugs used in diabetes, metabolic diseases and cardiovascular risk factors, mostly using meta-analytical approaches. 

He is currently joining the Therapeutics Initiative team, to collaborate notably with the Drug Assessment Working Group and the Cochrane Hypertension Group. He will pursue the INDANA project of individual participants data meta-analysis in high blood pressure, initiated by Pr Gueyffier. In the context of the growing overweight and obesity pandemic, Dr Grenet will assess the impact of the body mass index on the cardiovascular benefits of antihypertensive drugs. The results are expected to help personalizing evidence-based treatment of people affected by overweight or obesity and high blood pressure.   

Dr. Guillaume Grenet, MD, PhD