APT Research Day Winners

The 9th Annual APT Research Day was held this past May 5th.  On behalf of the organizing committee, we want to thank the attendees, participants and judges for another successful day.

The award winners are:

1) Oral presentation (ANA): Peter Rose & Cristin McRae

2) Oral presentation (PCTH): Michael Yau & Steven Booth

3) Poster presentations (ANA): Jeannine Stone & Sadiq Abdulla

4) Poster presentations (PCTH): Robin Kim.

The success of our event is entirely dependent on the generous time donated by our judges.

ANA Judges: Laura Duggan, Carolyne Montgomery, Alana Flexman, Stephan Schwarz, Richard Merchant, Simon Whyte, Clinton Wong, Stephan Malherbe, Juliet Atherstone, Cynthia Yarnold, Ray Tang, Peter Choi & Vit Gunka.

PCTH Judges: Andrew Horne, Tillie Hackett, Bernie MacLeod, Ricardo Rivera Acevedo, and Tim Kaan.

Pascal and I would also like to thank the organizing committee who make this day possible: Aileen To, Jessica Yu, Jill Delane, Katharine Garcia, Susan Van Bruggen, Andy Jeffries and Matt Klas.

Finally, thank you to all the participants who spent countless hours conducting their projects, preparing their abstracts and presenting their work.

In the coming weeks, we will begin working on the event for next year.  Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Donald Griesdale & Dr. Pascal Bernatchez
on behalf of the APT Research Day Organizing Committee

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