2015 Vancouver Summer Program


The Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada is excited to offer the opportunity for undergraduate students in medicine and related sciences from partner universities to participate in the 2015 Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) in Medicine. This four-week, two-course academic program provides the opportunity to experience Canadian health and life sciences education at its best, while learning about Canadian practices and culture through engaging classes, social activities, and intercultural workshops.

After our participation in a highly successful inaugural offering of the VSP in Medicine in 2014, the Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics has expanded its role and will be offering one complete program consisting of “Pharmacology of Everyday Life” and “Systems Pharmacology” for 2015 (Course Package B). Pharmacology of Everyday Life will provide the necessary overview for understanding the basic elements of drug action in the body under conditions of therapeutic use, social use, and abuse. These elements will be explored in greater detail using representative drugs and drug classes, allowing for a greater understanding of both historical and present-day use of these key social and clinically utilized compounds. Systems Pharmacology will build upon the basic concepts introduced in Pharmacology of Everyday Life, with a greater emphasis at exploring drug effects at a more clinical level. Core physiological systems will be investigated, and the role of drugs in modulation and treatment of pathophysiology will be examined in detail; the course will culminate in a general overview of the use and principles of use of drugs in clinical practice. Both courses will consist of a combination of large-group lectures and small-group workshops/discussions designed to meet course objectives. Course outlines can be found below, and will be finalized following determination of course enrollment.

Pharmacology of Everyday Life ( Download )

Systems Pharmacology ( Download )

In addition to our dedicated two-course program, we will also be offering a third course, titled “Medications for Controlling Pain in Everyday Life and in Surgery”, which will introduce students to modern anesthesia practice using large-group lectures, small-group case-discussion groups, and exposure to the use of simulation and ultrasound in anesthesia practice (Course Package C).

Medications for Controlling Pain in Everyday Life and in Surgery ( Download )

See the Vancouver Summer Program website for more general details on the program, including eligibility and application