Research Location(s):

General Research Interest(s):


• Trained in medicine at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, 1989-94
• Anaesthesia training mostly in Liverpool, England, 1998-2005.
• Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, 1999; Magill Medal winner

• Fellow at BCCH 2004-2005. Intended to stay for one year…
• Staff Paediatric Anaesthesiologist at BCCH, Feb 2006 –
• Director of departmental Quality of Care portfolio, Jan 2008 –
• Associate Chief of Anaesthesia, Jan 2011 –
• Chair, Child Health & Safety Quality of Care Committee, Jun 2012 -2016
• Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society
o Vice-Chair Sept 2012 –14
o Chair 2014 –2016
o Past Chair 2016 –
…10 years, two kids, two cats, one dog & a mortgage later, appears to be staying.

• 25 peer-reviewed original articles
• $500 000 + garnered in competitive research funding
• Reviewer for Pediatr Anesth., Acta Anesth Scand., Can. J. Anesth

Clinical Interests:

Anaesthesia for scoliosis correction surgery
Perioperative management of long QT syndromes
Total intravenous anaesthesia
Difficult airway management

Research Interests:

Perioperative pharmacology and myocardial repolarisation dynamics
Canadian paediatric difficult airway database development
Quality improvement
Performance metrics for anaesthesiologists