Staff anesthesiologist Vancouver Coastal Health

Division of cardiac and thoracic anesthesia

Head, division of thoracic anesthesia

Selected Publications:

Lohser J, Evidence-based Management of One-Lung Ventilation, in Thoracic Anesthesia, Anesth Clinics N America 26(2): 241-272, 2008.

Ishikawa S, Griesdale D, Lohser J, Acute Kidney Injury after Lung resection surgery: Incidence and perioperative risk factors, Anesth Analg 114(6):1256-62, 2012.

Brassard CL, Lohser J, Donati F and Bussières JS, Step-by-step clinical management of one- lung ventilation: continuing professional development. Can J Anesth 61(12):1103-21, 2014.

Lohser J and Slinger P, Lung injury after one-lung ventilation: A review of the pathophysiologic mechanisms affecting the ventilated and the collapsed lung, Anesth Analg 121:2, 302-18, 2015

Durkin C and Lohser J, Oxygenation and ventilation strategies for patients undergoing lung resection surgery after prior lobectomy or pneumonectomy, Current Anesthesiology Reports 6(2):135-41, 2016.

Clinical Interests:

Thoracic anesthesia

Lung transplantation

Perioperative TEE