Pediatric Anesthesia Clinical & Research Fellowship at BC Children’s Hospital

Next available start date: July 2025

About us:
BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH), a part of the PHSA health authority, is the major tertiary care referral center for the one million children living in British Columbia and the Yukon. We are the tertiary care pediatric referral center affiliated with the University of British Columbia.

In 2017, we moved into the new Teck Acute Care Center (TACC), an 8 story, 640,000 sq ft LEED Gold building. In 2022, we completed our implementation of Cerner computerized medical records, and Surginet Anesthesia, our electronic anesthetic record management system. There are 231 in-patient beds, including a 28-bed PICU and a 79 bed Level III NICU. Over 8000 surgical cases are performed each year. The hospital admits patients up to 17 years of age and has a busy Pediatric Anesthesia Department. Anesthesiology services are provided for over 11,000 cases per year. Anesthesia is provided for all aspects of pediatric surgery including cardiovascular and neurosurgery and for areas outside the operating room including radiology/medical imaging. The Anesthesia department provides acute pain management and sedation for burn wound care. The Integrated Pain Service provides both acute peri-operative(APS) and complex medical/chronic pain(CPS) management. Anesthesiology related oncology services at BCCH are provided to over 300 children year including sedation for bone marrow, lumbar puncture and radiation therapy. Children’s Hospital is affiliated with Women’s Health Centre, the tertiary care obstetrical hospital for British Columbia, which delivers 7000-8000 infants per year, hence there is a considerable volume of neonatal surgery. The NICU treats over 1100 neonates per year in a 79 bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has 28 beds and the service includes perioperative management of 300 Open Heart Surgeries per year.

The Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Program accepts four fellows each year starting in July. The duration of the appointment is 12 months. The minimum number of required clinical days in the operating rooms is approximately 150.  Fellows will rotate through pediatric anesthesia subspecialty cases in cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, thoracics, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, dental, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and radiology.  Fellows will complete a 4 week rotation in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia and can do an optional 4 week rotation in either Neonatal or Pediatric ICU. A different elective rotation may be arranged relating to the fellow’s interests in discussion with the Fellowship Director. Fellows actively participate in the Acute Pain Service, providing daytime care and on call coverage for 4 weeks (including weekends) over the course of the year. Fellows receive didactic and hands on small group regional anesthesia teaching throughout the year, incorporating regional anesthesia into their clinical practice. Fellows will also complete a focused 2 week rotation in regional anesthesia and chronic pain. Fellows will also be involved in the in-patient consult service and in the Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC). Fellows in Pediatric Anesthesia, supervised by members of the anesthesia staff, are expected to engage in clinical activities including on-call (one weekday night per week and one weekend in four).

A maximum of two days per week may be protected for academic and research pursuits for Fellows. Academic time awarded is reassessed quarterly depending on productivity. Projects may comprise clinical research projects or basic science research projects. All research projects are under the direction of the Co-Directors of Research in association with PART (the Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team), the University of British Columbia and/or other hospital departments at BC Children’s Hospital. It is expected that every Fellow will complete at least 1 research project to the publication or presentation stage during their period of Fellowship and all assistance will be given to them in completing this. Fellows are also expected to publish at least one case report and/or review article during their year with the supervision of an appropriate staff person.

Fellows are expected to attend and participate in all rounds and to prepare presentations for rounds where indicated. Rounds consist of quality assurance rounds, daily morning teaching rounds, semi-annual journal club, UBC city wide journal club and UBC Anesthesia Visiting Professor Series rounds. Fellows will also provide at least 2 formal presentations during the year. Occasionally, Fellows may be able to participate in suitable special academic projects as arranged with the Fellowship Director.

Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in up to 10 SIM days including train-the-trainer courses and facilitating running SIM events.

International Health Mission:
There is the opportunity for the Fellow to voluntarily participate in a 2-week international peri-operative health experience.

Fellows have the opportunity to participate in teaching medical students, residents and other allied health care personnel. Fellows receive dedicated fellow level academic teaching one afternoon per week. Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in Pacific Northwest Fellows Bootcamp.
Funding to present at a major pediatric anesthesia meeting is provided, and clinical fellows will be entitled to 4 weeks of vacation over the course of the year. The annual salary is $96,000 CAD.

Application Process:
Interested applicants should submit their application 18-24 months prior to their desired start date. Application forms, cover letter and references should be submitted electronically directly to:

Dr. Katherine Bailey
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship Director
c/o Dept. of Anesthesia
BC Children’s Hospital
4480 Oak Street Rm T3-246
Vancouver BC
Canada V6H 3V4
Telephone: 604-875-2345 ext. 2711
Fax: 604-875-3221


Fellowship Application Form