Career Opportunities

Position: Full-time Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Location: Fedida Laboratory, Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of British Columbia

Postdoctoral Fellow positions under the supervision of Dr. David Fedida are currently available.  It is essential that applicants have an M.D. degree or Ph.D. in the physiology/pharmacology and/or biophysics of ion channels. The research positions require an understanding of, and demonstrated practical experience with voltage clamp of macroscopic or single channel currents from cultured cells, from acutely isolated cells or from Xenopus oocytes. Opportunities exist either to learn or to contribute to mathematical models of ion channel gating and/or voltage clamp fluorimetry. The projects will involve the molecular and electrophysiological characterization of structural changes in potassium channel function in a heterologous expression system and cell surface expression in the cardiac myocytes under a number of experimental conditions. The successful candidate will be expected to carry out electrophysiological experiments and data analysis on a day-to-day basis, in a relatively independent manner. He/She is also expected to present results at laboratory meetings, participate in journal club presentations, and prepare drafts of articles for publication. These are full-time positions, available now.  Please send your curriculum vitae together with at least 3 contacts for references to:

Cardiovascular Research Group
Attn. Dr. Fedida
Life Sciences Centre
2350 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, B.C.  V6T 1Z3
Email: or