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Research Day 2018 Guest Lecture – Dr Steven Schafer
The 2018 Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics Research Day 2018 Guest Lecture is available here “Clinical Pharmacology – A Journey from Michael Jackson to TensorFlow” Steven L. Shafer, MD Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Stanford University Adjunct Associate Professor of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, UCSF   Dr. Shafer’s professional interests are the clinical pharmacology […] (June 21, 2018 @5:16 pm)

Academic Gowning, Dr. Stephan Schwarz to Full Professor
The Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics would like to congratulate Dr. Stephan Schwarz on becoming a full professor!   (May 30, 2018 @4:10 pm)

APT Department Seminar: Pascal Bernatchez
Genetic aortopathies and muscular dystrophies are two seemingly unrelated groups of diseases with poor management options. Our laboratory has recently shown that cardiovascular medications that target the LDL-cholesterol synthesis pathways and the vasculature, particularly the endothelium, offer untapped therapeutic potential for patients afflicted by these conditions. Using classic and molecular pharmacology principles, we study how these medications mediate their unexpected effects and whether better treatments can be translated to the clinic. (May 22, 2018 @9:59 am)

Research Day 2018 Keynote speaker: Dr Steven Shafer
Dr. Shafer’s professional interests are the clinical pharmacology of intravenous anesthetic drugs, opioids and hypnotics used in anesthetic practice. However, his real passion is not the drugs themselves, but rather the mathematical models that characterize drug behavior. These include conventional pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models, inverse models (used to drive target controlled infusion systems), Bayesian models (used to handle model uncertainty), pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models of drug interaction, models of receptor function that help elucidate mechanisms of drug action, and models that relate drug response to "in silico" pharmacogenetics. (May 22, 2018 @10:00 am)

Dr. Jean Templeton Hugill Visiting Professor Lecture – Video
The Dr. Jean Templeton Hugill Visiting Professor Lecture is available now for download. (May 22, 2018 @10:01 am)

Dr Roanne Preston reappointed as Head of Anesthesiology Pharmacology & Therapeutics
Announcement: We would like to congratulate Dr Roanne Preston on being reappointed in her role as the head of Anesthesiology Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Dr Preston has demonstrated strong leadership in fostering excellence and innovation in education, research and health care. We are very pleased that she will continue in her role to June 30th, 2022. (April 26, 2018 @4:21 pm)

2017/18 Annual Dr. Jean Templeton Hugill Visiting Professor Lecture
The UBC Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics is proud to announce the 2017/18 annual Dr. Jean Templeton Hugill Visiting Professor Lecture  “Local anesthetics – old drugs with a bright future” Philipp Lirk, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School Attending Anesthesiologist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA   Wednesday, April 25, […] (April 6, 2018 @4:35 pm)

Dr. Andrew Horne appointed as the Program Director, Vancouver Summer Program
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Andrew Horne as Program Director, Vancouver Summer Program, UBC Faculty of Medicine (FOM) (April 6, 2018 @1:42 pm)

Residency backlog could triple for medical school grads, report warns
Interesting article on the backlog of Canadian medical school grads:   (February 14, 2018 @2:53 pm)

Dr. Lisa Li publication in Anesthesia & Analgesia
Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Li on her publication on femoral catheters and falls post TKA published in Anesthesia & Analgesia! Download publication here   (February 14, 2018 @2:43 pm)