About our Research

The Department of Anesthesia, Pharmacology & Therapeutics has active basic science researchers and clinician-researchers with a nexus of translational research who together cover a broad swath of research themes aligning with the Faculty of Medicine and UBC’s research mandate.  Our top themes and associated researcher are:

  1. Neurosciences (Bernatchez, Schwarz and Hugill Centre, Barr, Griesdale, Sastry)
  1. Cardiopulmonary (Hackett, Fedida, Bernatchez, van-Breeman)
  1. Clinical Outcomes and Patient Safety [translational medicine, drug safety, pain, patient safety] (Maclure, Dormuth, Preston, Perry, Griesdale, TI)
  1. Perioperative Technology Integration (Ansermino)

 Within the Department there are some clear cross-cutting themes of translation and innovation as shown by the expertise in systematic reviews and education outreach provided by the Therapeutics Initiative, and the interface of anesthesia technology and innovation which is central to the research done by the Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team

Other identified research areas in the department are: Evidence-based medicine and Patient and Drug Safety.

Opportunities to explore given the expertise of the basic science researchers and large clinical faculty in APT include: Pain (including pediatric), Neurodegenerative diseases, Pharmacogenomics, Systems Science, Clinical Cardiac Anesthesia Research, and adding a perioperative arm to the TI.


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